It’s 5am Monday morning when we meet in the Studio, where me and my Team are going to spend the next couple of days .

We are in a beautiful location with natural light and large loft-style spaces . Everyone knows exactly what to do, so our set designer is building a fashion workspace, cameramans, sound designers and technicians prepare their equipment , so we can start filming masterclasses.

Within the next few days we will spend around 14h a day on making my dreams come true and deliver you highly professional educational content.


Fabric Class is a group of passionate artists from various design fields and together we create an online learning platform, which comes in the form of video lectures and presentations in various fabric design fields. Our classes are taught on topics such as fabric manipulation techniques, smocking, marble dye, pleating, shibori, batik, macrame. 

On each course I spend with you hours sharing all my tips on subjects like creating unique and memorable designs. So let me take you behind the scenes of making Fabric Class Masterclasses.


One of the most important parts of creating masterclasses is preparing the right equipment. So the day before we start filming, we deliver all of my sewing, cutting and ironing machines to the Film Studio. On a regular day basis, I work in my own atelier mainly on STRIMA machines, therefore when we film courses we send all the machines to the Film Studio. It’s a bit of extra work, but I want to make sure, that we build a copy of my atelier in the film studio, so it feels 100% real to me. What tools and materials are my must-haves when filming masterclasses?

A sewing machine, an overlock, ironing table and steam iron, electric knife for cutting fabrics, lots of different scissors, cutting mats, pins, needles for hand and machine sewing, rulers, tailors chalk and of course a mannequin.


If there’s one thing video experts agree on, it’s the paramount importance of proper lighting in shooting a video. We are working on the set with so many beautiful, 3-dimensional, structured fabrics and they simply need the right lighting exposure and very detailed camera shots. Each scene is filmed with a couple of cameras, so you can witness the whole process of designing from different ankles. Sometimes it’s really hard to film all of those complicated and tiny structures and it requires a lot of patience and attention to details to get the right shots.


Creating Fabric Class masterclasses is a long journey as we own every step of the process: from pre-production to filming, post-production and the streaming experience. If it hadn't been for the right people, who work with me and believe in the educational vision and content, Fabric Class wouldn’t exist. Whenever we work on a new course, we meet first for brainstorm sessions, where we discuss all of our ideas and possibilities. Before the fun part starts in the Film Studio, we constantly catch up on meetings and videocalls and plan every, tiny step. I’m beyond happy, that I can work with people, who are so passioned and engaged in every production step. As they say it, teamwork makes the dream work!


It’s a wrap! All masterclasses are filmed, so it’s time to edit all videos and piece them together. This is the moment when our editors and sound designers step into the game. Postproduction is the far most time-consuming process of creating online content, as we have to edit together all raw footage, incorporate visual effects, add sound and colour grading, just to name a few. After countless days and meetings, our raw film material comes together as one compelling, cohesive video. 

At Fabric Class we want to set an inspiring stage for designers and encourage them

to push the limits of designing fabrics. We want you to translate your inspirations through a textile-driven approach to fashion design. Experiment, be fearless and design with your heart! We are here to help you and guide you step-by-step through the whole design process.