Ever wondered how to turn a 2D piece of fabric into an 3D object? 

How to brake the flatness of material by clever manipulations? Or maybe it’s the craftsmanship and complexity of high-fashion and couture garments, that were intriguing you?

If your ever asked yourself these questions, than you are in the right place, as I have all the answers for you! Let me help you and explain, that there is no magic or quantum physics behind the making of these structured fabrics. As an fashion and fabric designer I can assure you, that it’s pure design wisdom paired with hands-on experience, creativity and passion.

So, what’s holding you back from creating stunning and unique designs?

2020 was filled for me and my students with hand-smocked fabrics, 3D origami pleats, shibori bubbles, architectural cuts, braided leathers, innovative macrame knotting and fabric embellishment. During this year we have been experimenting with materials and new technologies , challenging the conventions of innovative fabric design.

The final effect? Numerous outside-the-box designs kicked into life. We added volume and texture to garments. We learned new skills and gained hands-on experience. We explored, we sew, we designed and we let our imaginations loose.

If you have the passion and curiosity for designing, than FABRIC CLASS will provide you with expertise and tools in order to teach you a wide range of innovative textile design and manipulation techniques. Get the information, inspiration and support you need to succeed in the fashion industry and bring your outside-the-box concepts to life! Not a professional designer? No problem! These Masterclasses are for everyone, who  is eager to learn new skills and want to learn step by step how to create stunning fabrics.

With FABRIC CLASS you will learn how to transform 2D fabric into 3D, you will design patterns, machine sew them, hand stitch, fold, cut, tye, steam and iron. And the most important thing is that you will learn the great appreciation for bespoke craftsmanship. 

Join like-minded artists and designers in your chosen courses. Master professional techniques and set your work apart from others!

Get a closer look at the backstage of my Masterclasses and dig deeper into the great world of innovative fabric design.